About Onyx’s Great Adventure

Onyx’s Great Adventure aims to raise money and awareness for service dogs and those who rely on their assistance. It costs approximately $30,000 dollars and 3 years to acquire, train, feed, foster and prepare a service dog for their job of assisting their owners in their day to day lives.

Ron sometimes tows Fonyx (Fake Onyx) when the road conditions are unfavorable for the safety of the real Onyx

​If this journey pays for just one service animal to be placed with a new owner then our goal has been met. We are challenging each state collectively, to donate $10,000 or more and for the next state to donate more than the previous state. 

Our Tiny House that we built with our friends’ Virgil and Sally Moon

Ron has been on the road since March 9, 2019 when he left Lincoln City, Oregon and headed East. He tows his dog Onyx or a replica statue that we named Fonyx by bicycle approximately 30 miles a day. Team Ronyx (a name coined by Meghan’s daughter) is comprised of Ron, Onyx, Meghan and puppy Phoenix. Meghan drives the truck and camper box, updates social media, writes the blog and plans their daily route as well as contacting news outlets to share their story. Both Ron and Meghan have worked hard and saved their money for 3 years to be able to take 6 months off to complete this journey. They plan to cross 10 states and land in Cochranville, PA at the doorstep of Canine Partners for Life. All donations are directed right to the organization and Team Ronyx is covering their own travel expenses.

Please visit their website here.

You may also contact them via email at onyxsgreatadventure@gmail.com

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