The Middle of the End

We are getting ready to finalize our journey from West Coast to East Coast. We will have some down time so these posts may be short or combined.

June 30, 2019- Sunvalley Campground, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Today we are heading to Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. We will be traveling 30 E most of the way there and then getting on 16 South. Ron wants to start the day out driving the road because he knows what the road is like right in front of the campground. After almost being hit 3 times in one day the other day (which I forgot to mention in that blog), he is very apprehensive on riding these roads. He is trying not to get injured or killed right at the end of his 3,000 mile journey. He plans to ride what he can, drive what he can’t and make up the miles while we have some down time during the week prior to our arrival in Cochranville, PA. We get out on the highway and there are guardrails all over and lots of winding tight corners. It is difficult to manage the truck and tiny home on these roads, let alone a bicycle. We end up driving the 50 miles to Sunvalley Campground in Mercersburg, PA. Once we get set up, Ron takes off on the bicycle towing Phoenix. The ladies at the camp office told him of a great route to take to get about 10 miles in. He rides for over an hour and then returns. Harold and Juanita pull in shortly and Ron helps them get situated in their spot next to ours. Meghan is working on finishing the blog that she is about a week behind on. Time flies for her with all the planning, writing, communicating and media. We have steaks over the fire for dinner. While Ron was cooking, Meghan was busy trying to figure out where they are going to camp next. She is having trouble finding campgrounds in their price range and along their route. Team Ronyx was supposed to dip down into Maryland near Taneytown and Pleasant Valley but can’t seem to find a place that will accommodate Team Ronyx and the Carey’s. We all discuss what a good alternative would be and Ron suggests we stay put here for a few days and then just drive through the congested parts since he is having trouble riding on these roads safely. He plans to get up early in the morning and ride and then ride throughout the day while we sit so he isn’t losing ground and he can talk to people around this area.

July 1, 2019- Sunvalley Campground, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Ron is up and out the door with Phoenix this morning before 7 am. He returns around 10 am and we discuss the final plans for staying here a few more days. Meghan has been up too, working on finishing the blog and getting it published. She is also keeping her phone close since her son is undergoing a small procedure today and she wishes she could be there. It’s difficult for her because she is so close but still so far away. She hopes to make it to the area before his birthday on the 6th of July. She is eager to surprise him as he doesn’t know that she plans to get there in time for his birthday. Today, Meghan will work on updating maps, fundraiser totals and trying to keep up with the blog as well as take some down time to unwind. She is constantly wrapped up in planning and trying to stay on top of finding places to camp, map routes, and keeping track of mileage that sometimes something gets left unattended to until she has a full day to catch up. After Ron returns from his ride, we all discuss how many days we are staying here in Mercersburg and then Ron takes a ride with Onyx and Juanita. They ride into town and take a look around. Ron decides to pick up Subway for he and Meghan. Juanita chooses to make sandwiches back at camp. That afternoon Juanita and Meghan head up to the pool for a little swim and that evening they all enjoy a dinner of grilled pork chops over the fire.

July 2, 2019- Sunvalley Campground, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Ron is up and ready to ride again today, Juanita is going to go with him. They leave a little later than planned but they are on their way. They ride for over 2 hours and return when it is nasty hot and humid. The heat index is pretty high up here. It’s almost too hot to do much today. Meghan took a few walks with the dogs and works on contacting some news stations. Ron also has been reaching out to news outlets as well to try and spread the word about Onyx’s Great Adventure. There are brochures in the offices of the last several campgrounds we have been too and anywhere else that will keep them on hand to share for us. We are enjoying our time here at the campground but Meghan is anxious to get to see her son. That evening, Meghan has a visit with her friend who drove 3 hours from Williamsport, PA to see her. They go into Mercersburg and find a place to grab a bite to eat and catch up. Ron and the dogs hung out with a neighbor camper and chatted until Meghan and friend returned. We continue to meet really awesome people who are sharing our journey and cheering us on. Meghan works on packing up most of the stuff around camp as her and Ron plan to take off tomorrow and drive to their next destination.

July 3, 2019- Southern Lancaster County, PA

Team Ronyx gets up early today. Their plan is to drive as close to Meghan’s family as possible and then let Ron ride the rest of the way in. When they left Sunvalley Campground, they drove out through Mercersburg. Once they got through town the shoulders on the road were really nice. Ron contemplated unloading his bike gear and riding most of it, but then the shoulders narrowed out again shortly after we discussed doing so. He knew he would be sitting for a week waiting for the finale at Canine so he plans to ride and continue spreading the word about them once we are in the vicinity. Our friends’ the Carey’s have decided they will camp at Sunvally one more night and then catch up to us on July 4th. We arrive in the southern portion of Lancaster County PA in the afternoon. Ron’s first stop was to surprise his mom, but he ended up surprising his sister instead. Then Team Ronyx headed to his mom’s and then to see Meghan’s son. He was really surprised to see his mom! It was such a wonderful feeling for Meghan to see her son after being away from him for so long. The next week, Team Ronyx will be off grid and will follow up with their finale post as they spend some time with family and rest up.

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