Outta Ohio and On!

June 21, 2019- Dillon State Park, Nashport, Ohio

It’s the first day of summer! The Carey’s and Team Ronyx are up early and packing up to hit the road. Ron and Meghan were woken up at 3 am by a banging truck. It sounded like a dump truck gate but we aren’t sure what it was. Then at 5 am the dogs were whining to go to the bathroom. Ron got up and let them out. At 8 am everybody is heading out of the truck stop. Everybody drives through the city of Columbus. The Carey’s are going to make a few stops on their way to our next camp spot. Meghan and Ron drive out of the city to 40 E and Ron starts pedaling towards Nashport with Fonys once the roads are calmer. We ended up driving 20 miles to that point. Ron ends up riding through constructions zones and out to Zanesville. He rides 36.8 miles to the road that goes to their campground. There is a dollar store there, so they decided to load up there and Meghan runs in to grab a few things for their 2 night stay in Dillon. Juanita and Harold arrived at the campground first and get everybody all checked in. Meghan and Ron were able to drive right to their camp site. Once they arrived and got set up, Meghan decided to make some signs to put by their camp site since their truck garners a lot of attention. The state parks are really starting to fill up on the weekends now that we are fully into summer. She puts signs with brochures out for people to grab while they walk past. A camp host is our camp neighbor and she tells Ron to grab some of her wood if we need it. Ron decides to hop on his bike without the trailer and dog (a first for him this entire trip) and rides around the campground to see if he can find a place for the dogs to swim. He rides several loops around the campground and returns telling us how easy it was to ride his bike without his gear and how he could have been across the US and back by now with how easy it is to ride just the bike. We have steaks for dinner cooked over the fire by Ron which are delicious as always! That night we stayed up late by the fire, talking, working on admin stuff for the trip and enjoying the fireflies.

June 22, 2019-Dillon State Park, Nashport, Ohio

Meghan stayed in bed late this morning. She finally emerges from their tiny home around 9 am. Everybody was up and sitting around chatting. Meghan, Ron, Juanita and the Team Ronyx dog’s decided to walk to find the water to swim the dogs. Harold offered to stay back and watch the Carey’s old girl dogs since they can’t walk very far. We end up walking the long way back to the entrance of the campground and don’t see any water. Juanita goes into the camp store to ask about where they can take the dogs to the water. Meghan meets Juanita in the store and asks how far it is to walk to the park since they are on foot. The lady in the camp store tells them that it’s only about a half mile down to the road to the beach and the dogs can swim in the water off to the left of the beach. Meghan, Ron, Juanita, Onyx and Phoenix walk towards the beach area. They ended up walking well over a half mile to the beach as Meghan’s pedometer registers that they had walked 3 miles to get to the beach. When they found the area that they could take the dogs swimming, the water was very muddy and there was trash floating around due to the recent flooding the park had experienced. Meghan and Juanita cleaned up the trash and attempted to get the submerged trash can out of the water. Ron let the dogs swim for a little while, but then pulled them from the water due to how dirty it was. They ended up waking back to camp. In total they walked over 5 miles to the beach area and back to camp. That afternoon we enjoyed ice cream from the camp stores and that evening our camp neighbor Deb joined us for dinner and brought her guitar over later that evening. She played and sang to us. She had a lot of talent!

June 23, 2019- Salt Fork State Park Campground, Kimbolton, Ohio

Team Ronyx drive out to 40E this morning at 8:45 am. We drove for 30 minutes out from the park to our main route of 40 E. Ron started pedaling down the highway towing Onyx behind him and at 18 miles he switched Onyx out with Phoenix and continued to ride. The shoulders on 40 E have been very nice so far and the traffic is moderate. It is warm and humid out. At the 27 mile mark, Phoenix must have had enough of the trailer because he had an accident in the trailer. It smelled horrible and he ended up having it on his paws, tail and legs. At 31 miles we packed up the gear but with great care due to the mess that was inside the trailer. Meghan tried to wipe Phoenix down as much as possible with baby wipes that they keep on hand. They ended up pulling the cover off of the trailer cushion and throwing it in a plastic bag and lining the back seat of Meghan’s truck with blankets so that they could protect her seats. Team Ronyx drove the 6 miles back to the park. Once they got to the park, Ron toted a bunch of water over to their campsite and Meghan bathed Phoenix. Then, she and Ron washed out the bike trailer and sat it in the sun to dry. Once Juanita and Harold arrived, Meghan, Ron and Harold worked on carrying jugs of water over to the Carey’s trailer and using a pump to fill their water holding tank since they couldn’t find a fresh water outlet on their way there and the water spigots here did not have the ability to screw a hose onto them. We ended up pumping close to 40 gallons into their tank, carrying about 5 gallons at a time. That evening we had steaks over the fire and a nice salad with them. After dinner we watched the sun set and the fireflies come out. We ended up staying up pretty late watching the fireflies and listening to the crickets chirp.

June 24, 2019- Wheeler Island Casino. West Virginia

We planned on driving the first portion of today’s ride due to 40E intersecting with I70 and then having Ron bicycle the remaining miles. Once we got off the Interstate, the road conditions and traffic did not give Ron room to ride. Now that we are further East, the roads are much more congested. We are ed at the Casino in the early afternoon. Ron got his bike gear out and took O yx out for over an hour and road around the island and into the city across the bridge. He handed out business cards and spread the word about he and Onyx’s Great Adventure. When he returned, he took a short break and then took Phoenix out for a ride too. Right after Ron returned with Phoenix , Juanita and Harold arrived. We all discussed the evening plans and Meghan snuck off to get some planning work done. We will arrive in Western, Pennsylvania tomorrow and she wants to start getting their stops organized and campsites booked as well as connecting with volunteers and staff involved with CPL. That evening Juanita and Meghan went into the casino to scope it out and see what they could grab for dinner. They weren’t in there very long when the torrential rain hit. They decided they would get Cafe food for the guys but the line wasn’t moving. After standing in line for over 30 minutes they decided they would figure so nothing else out for dinner and headed back to the trucks. Ron volunteered to ride his bike to KFC and we all agreed that that would be good. He was gone and back in no time at all. That night, Phoenix found a baby bird. It was raining and Ron was worried about the bird so he stuck it in the empty KFC bucket and brought the bird into our tiny ho e for the night. Meghan missed her opportunity to get a picture of it though. We slept really good that night with the rain hitting the roof. Tomorrow we are heading into PA!

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