We have entered our 8th state!

Ron pedaling into Ohio!

June 17, 2019- Walmart, Englewood, Ohio

Ron is up early. Meghan a bit later but still up by 7 am. Ron is on the road with Fonyx because it is overcast and drizzling, by 7:40 am. He is traveling 36E towards the Ohio line. Meghan suspects they are less than 10 miles from the line. She snaps a few pictures of Ron heading out and then goes back to talk to the Carey’s and fill them in on the plans. Ron plans to pedal as far as he can. If there is a laundromat nearby, then they will stop and do laundry at some point today too. The wet dogs and heavy rains over the last few days have left their bedding a little smelly; plus Ron’s riding clothes can get pretty dirty too. Ron ends up at the Ohio line at 7 miles into today’s trip. He and Meghan take pictures at the line and he does his famous sign climb. They have about 6 more miles on 36 E before they take 49S down to 40 East. Once Ron get’s on 49S the traffic gets pretty heavy. Tractor trailers are whizzing by and not slowing down as they pass him. Ron rides for several more miles before he decides to have Meghan pick him up. He has ridden 20.5 miles so far. They end up driving the remaining 18 miles into Englewood, Ohio and decide to drive closer to Dayton to go do laundry. As they are driving to the laundromat, they see lots of tornado damage from the recent storms that the area has been experiencing. It doesn’t take them long to do laundry; so they go and pick up some lunch too and wait for the Carey’s to arrive at their Walmart Parking lot camp spot. Meghan worked on added up all the miles Ron has biked and they have traveled this entire trip. He has pedaled over 2,440.7 miles across; Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. Team Ronyx has traveled over 2,500 miles. Ron’s total miles traveled in Indiana were 181.2 miles. Our total funds raised so far have reached $9,096.17. That evening, Meghan and Juanita grabbed Subway for dinner for everybody and brought it back for dinner after walking around Walmart. After dinner, Meghan finished the latest blog and started the next.

June 18, 2019- Buck Creek State Park, Springfield, Ohio

It rained a lot last night. Team Ronyx isn’t moving very fast this morning to try and wait out the rain to see if it will clear up for Ron to cycle in it. They leave around 11 am. They drive out to the intersection of 40E where they left off the day before. Ron starts pedaling through the town of Englewood. He misses his turn when he reached the Englewood Reservoir so he had to back track back to the land bridge. The land bridge over the Englewood Reservoir was pretty narrow with no shoulder so Ron had to ride directly in the lane of traffic which he isn’t a fan of doing but he did it with ease. As soon as he got over the bridge, he pulled off to where Meghan was parked on the opposite side and let all the traffic go by. He and Meghan discussed their route and he took off again. As we entered the town of Vandalia, Meghan pulled off the road at Burger King right before the road crossed over Interstate 75. The traffic was pretty heavy and there was a lot of confusion coming up. She waited for Ron to arrive by bike so they could discuss their plan of action. A very nice woman pulled up right after Ron arrived and asked to take their picture and told us she worked with the animal rescue and wanted to share our story. We gave her a bunch of brochures and our information. We drove 2 miles through the intersection and then Ron got out and rode with Onyx. He rode a total of 29.5 miles before we packed up the riding gear and drove the 6 miles to our campground. Once we found the camp store, we decided we should stay 2 nights to give Ron and the dogs a break and to wait out the potential severe thunderstorms that were heading our way. After checking in and getting our spots all set up, Ron took off with the dogs on the trails around our camp spot. There is also a nice beach close to our camp loop that we want to take the dogs to the next day. Lots of people are driving by and stopping in front of our camp spot to read the truck. After dinner, the clouds opened up and we had a fabulous thunderstorm with lightening and a beautiful rainbow at the end. After the storm passed; Ron and Meghan took the dogs on a nice walk, they hadn’t realized it was after 9 pm when they left. When they got back, they grabbed quick showers and turned in for the night.

June 19, 2019- Buck Creek State Park, Springfield, Ohio

We wake up to rain in the morning but it clears off and Meghan, Ron and the dogs head off to the beach area; on the way to the beach they stopped and talked to several neighbors who asked if we were the ones in the “dog house”. It is sticky hot and humid out. Meghan walks back to camp to meet up with Juanita to show her where the beach was. Once Meghan and Juanita got to the beach area, Juanita went right in the water and swam in her clothes! She thought the water felt fabulous in the heat. Ron, Meghan, Juanita and the dogs walked back to camp to grab some lunch. After lunch, we all decided to go back to the beach. Juanita and Harold drove their truck to get their old dogs to the beach with less walking. We all brought chairs and Juanita was in her swim suit this time! Ron had lots of fun playing fetch with all four dogs while Meghan took pictures, Juanita swam and Harold watched the action. Then, all of a sudden, torrential rain hit us. We all ran under the trees to try and stay somewhat dry but it wasn’t working very well. Harold headed to the truck with their dogs and everybody else followed shortly after. Since Juanita, Meghan, Ron and their dogs were already wet, they decided to walk back in the rain since it was still warm out. That afternoon after everybody dried off, Juanita and Ron took off on a bike ride. They ended up riding 10 miles around the campground, down to the marina and back. When they returned, Ron took the dogs to the lake to swim for a 3rd time that day. It was a good day for resting and giving the dogs a break from being on the road.

June 20, 2019- Pilot Travel Center, Columbus, Ohio

We wake up to the threat of more rain this morning. After packing up most of the truck we hung out around the campground. Harold made us all breakfast of bacon, fried potatoes and eggs. Right after breakfast we got a bit of rain. After the rain stopped, Team Ronyx hit the road, they traveled out to their main road of 40E. Ron took off with Fonyx today since we aren’t sure what the weather is going to do or how the roads will be. Ron covered some tough terrain out there today, including one lane construction and lots of big trucks and the threat of storms. Ron pedaled 31.5 miles to the intersection that led us to our camping destination for the night. He and Meghan loaded up their gear and grabbed sandwiches at Wendy’s for a late lunch. They arrive at the truck stop just before the Carey’s. It appears that the truck stop may already be full, Ron does a quick check a few isles up and finds a spot for Team Ronyx and the Carey’s to squeeze into. It is going to be a skinny camp spot tonight for all. Meghan pulls their truck in first and then Ron assists the Carey’s in getting their rig back into the spot. They have a slide out on their trailer but they can only put it on partially to avoid being too close to the rig next to them but enough that they can access their bathroom. Not long after we get all parked the skies let loose once again on us. Meghan and Ron climb into the cab of their truck and the Carey’s hang out in their camper. Meghan and Ron talk about future plans and what they plan to do when the trip is over and how they can’t believe that they are almost to the finish line. It all seems so surreal. Meghan can’t stop thinking about how great it will be to help someone (or a few people) obtain a service dog. It has been so fun to go on this adventure but the end goal of helping others is what really excites both Ron and Meghan. After the rain stops, Meghan and Juanita go for a walk with Onyx and Phoenix while Ron maneuvers their gear from the camper box to the cab of the truck (our daily exercise of making room in one space or the other). That evening Juanita and Harold went into the convenience store to look around, Ron walked over shortly after them for a snack. He ends up sneaking up on Juanita and scaring her silly right in the middle of the store. She vows that she will pay him back. That night was pretty noisy. I think everybody is ready for our next camp spot.

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