IN, Indiana

June 11, 2019- Old Mill Run Campground, Thorntown, Indiana

Today we are leaving Lafayette to head east, closer to Noblesville. We drive down to the intersection of Old 25 N and Sagamore Parkway. Ron starts pedaling on Sagamore Parkway since that is on our route. He pedals all through town until the traffic is too heavy. Meghan picks him up and they drive for about 8 miles until the roads are better. Ron then gets back on the road with Fonyx. He doesn’t trust the roads today for the real dogs. As he is pedaling down the highway he is sticking business cards in newspaper boxes and giving them to everybody he meets. A man in a red truck starts following him. When Ron and Meghan meet up, they chat about the guy in the red truck that seems to be circling them and they aren’t sure if the man is curious or crazy. Ron rides up to his truck but the man doesn’t engage in conversation. Soon a police cruiser pulls up to Ron to talk to him. Apparently the man in the red truck called the police accusing Ron of opening mail boxes and looking through people’s mail. He claims he has Ron on video going through his mailbox. Ron told the man he couldn’t have him on video opening mail boxes because he doesn’t open people’s mailboxes. The man accused Ron of being a felon and committing a felony by going through people’s mail. Ron told the man in front of the officer that he was a liar and to bring the recording to show them. The man then admitted he didn’t have a video of Ron opening mailboxes. Ron told the man, the only thing he was doing was riding across the US on his bike to raise money for charity and that he (the man) was hindering Ron’s efforts by making false accusations. The police officer then told the man to get on his way and told Ron where there were places he could put cards. We decided the man was crazy! Ron rode 30 miles to get to Thorntown, when we got into town, we stopped for a few groceries and Ron ordered lunch. The ladies at the bank in town came out to see what this “dog house” was all about. We told them the story and they brought treats out for the dogs. Then we went on to the campground. Ron rode the whole way to the campground and down to our spot to make up for the miles we had driven earlier in the day. As soon as Team Ronyx is parked and hooked up, they head to the stream with the dogs to let them swim. That evening after the Carey’s arrived, Team Ronyx had dinner. Meghan’s aunt showed up again too! After she got parked she grabbed her fishing pole and was ready to join Meghan, Ron and Harold on a fishing trip to the pond. Ron caught the first fish, a bass, then Harold caught a blue gill and Ron caught one too. They ended the evening with 3 fish. Sandy (Meghan’s Aunt) offered to clean the fish. Meghan helped her by holding a flash light so she could clean the fish in the dark.

June 12, 2019- Old Mill Run Campground, Thorntown, Indiana

This morning, Meghan has to spend some time on the phone trying to get some things figured out with her daughter’s insurance. It’s all messed up. She spends a few hours working on that and then working on some things for the event coming up on Saturday. Ron takes off with Onyx first thing in the morning to ride around town. He pedals out of the campground and back into Thorntown. He is gone for about 2 hours. When he returns he takes the dogs swimming at the stream. Meghan and her aunt go up to the office to pay for her aunt’s site and to check on another site for her to move to. They talk about what Meghan and Ron are doing and share the Onyx’s Great Adventure story. That afternoon, Meghan is stuck on the phone for several more hours trying to get her daughter’s insurance fixed. Ron spends most of the day playing with the dogs. That evening, Meghan’s cousin and second cousin come for a visit and have dinner with Team Ronyx and the Carey’s. Everybody has a great time. Then it is time for Meghan’s family to head out. Rain was starting to move in on everybody so they packed up as much stuff as they could and headed off to bed. Tomorrow Ron has to pedal to a new town to get ready for their event on Saturday.

June 13, 2019- Glo Wood Campground, Pendleton, Indiana

Team Ronyx is moving slow this morning, Ron woke up with a headache. They drive into town and Ron pedals from Thorntown with Phoenix out 47 N. Meghan goes into the Dollar General store to see if they have yard stakes that she can use for their signs for their event. She then catches up with Ron, he is making good time today but the traffic is pretty heavy and there is little to no shoulder for him to ride on. Meghan has to drive 7 miles ahead of Ron to find a place to pull off. She is going 55 mph and is being passed by people. Some people are making really bold passing maneuvers which makes Meghan worry about how Ron is doing. Once she finds a safe place to pull over she texts Ron to check up on him. He tells her it’s pretty bad for riding. Meghan offers to come and get him and he says to go ahead and come back. Ron had pedaled over 12 miles. Once Meghan gets to Ron, he tells her how a woman in a van almost hit him and he had to jack knife the bike and trailer into the gutter to avoid getting him and Phoenix hit. He was pretty shook up. They ended up driving most of the way to Noblesville. Ron and Meghan go to Forest Park and check out the picnic shelter they will be using for the event on Saturday. They are pretty excited about how many people may come. Then they head to the campground. We have driven some chunks of our route but we know Ron will make it up with all the walking and riding he does when we aren’t moving, plus we have counted miles that were technically on our route so when the trip is finished he will have pedaled well over 3,000 miles. Once we arrive at our campground, Meghan get’s their weekly update from CPL (Canine Partners for Life). We have raised $8,596.62 towards our $30,000 goal to help others. Today we traveled 55.5 miles. That evening after Juanita and Harold (The Carey’s) we visited with our neighbors who had a retro winnebago that was almost completely all original. It was really neat. After visiting we had ribs for dinner out of Juanita’s instant pot. They were delicious. Tomorrow we will work on getting ready for our event on Saturday. Meghan needs a few things from the store to make signs. She works on contacting the Indianapolis news stations to see if anybody will cover their story.

June 14, 2019- Glo Wood Campground, Pendleton, Indiana

After everybody was up and ready for the day they discussed their plans. Team Ronyx plans to drive into Noblesville to pick up their packages from the post office and go to Walmart to get sign materials for Meghan. Juanita wants to go along too so the plan is that Team Ronyx will drive their truck and take Juanita along. While Meghan and Juanita are in Walmart, Ron will hike around town spreading the word about Onyx’s Great Adventure. The post office is our first stop. Lots of people stop by to ask us about our truck and what we are doing. We told our story and invited everybody to Forest Park for our event. Then we went to Walmart. Ron ended up walking 2 miles around the area, talking to whoever would ask him what he was doing. Fox 59 called Meghan and wants to interview Ron, we agreed and told them we would be available. We got back to the campground and the reporter pulled in just a few minutes after us. He did his interview and Meghan gave him information about our event in hopes that the story would air the same day and they would invite the public to our event. Meghan made donation jar signs and yard signs directing the public to their event. That evening Juanita made spaghetti for supper and Meghan baked cheesy garlic bread. Tomorrow is the big day!

June 15, 2019- Glo Wood Campground, Pendleton, Indiana

It’s raining! And the weather doesn’t look good for today’s event. Meghan posts on social media to let everybody know that it’s rain or shine. Meghan and Ron head out early to make a stop for ice and snacks. Meghan wants to offer bottles of water and snacks by donation. We get to the Park and start setting up. Meghan set out all the shirts, stickers and material that Brenda Woodley-Thomas sent her. She purchased all of the above to help Team Ronyx get more donations. Meghan realized that she did forget to make an order form up for other shirts or hoodies if they didn’t have what people wanted. She quickly made up an order form and got it printed. It’s a good thing that we have our office/house with us! Kaggie calls to let Team Ronyx know that the directions on the invites send people to the wrong place. Meghan went online and quickly changed the venue/directions. Beth from Wags to Whiskers Mobile Grooming comes to give Onyx and Phoenix baths before the event starts. Kaggie arrives with Denver and Author, Jim Dworkin and his wife show up not long after that. Everybody gets introduced. Juanita and Harold arrive with their dogs, Tootsie and Blue. They are going to get their nails done by Beth as she is donating all monies from the nail trims today to Canine Partners for Life. Jim has also brought his books to sign and sell with the proceeds going to CPL as well. The whole gang is here, and so are the storms. It is thundering lightening. Juanita buys some books, Ron gets some books too. One of Team Ronyx’s friends from the Oregon Coast contacts Meghan and wants to purchase a whole bunch of books to share. Towards the end of the event, Meghan’s Aunt Sandy and cousin Karen show up in support too. Even though we didn’t have anybody from the general public show up; we ended up raising $400 for Canine Partners for Life. We also had a wonderful time talking with everybody and learning about all of the great things that Kaggie gets to do now that she has Denver, her service dog. She is even going to Tennessee to college to get her Master’s Degree! Kaggie is such an inspiration to Team Ronyx and we wish her (and Denver) the best! We also wanted to acknowledge; James and Nancy Dworkin, Beth and Mike from Wags to Whiskers, and our dear friends and family for showing up and supporting us. That evening after the event and visiting, we picked up a pizza and headed back to camp just in time to get the ultimate down pour. We had a river flowing through our campground. It was so much water that we couldn’t get to the bath house! Meghan spends the evening planning out their next few days and nights of travel.

June 16, 2019- Route 66/Flying Sauser Truck Stop, Lynn, Indiana

Team Ronyx is up early but not moving very fast due to the weather. They head out of the campground around 10 am to head to the gas station. They will drive to 36E to get back on their route. Ron rides 36 miles total today to the Route 66/Flying Sauser Truck stop in Lynn. Meghan arrives around 2 pm and Ron and Fonyx roll in around 2:30 pm. He and Meghan discuss how they will be in Ohio the next day and about how things have been going. Meghan gives Ron a Father’s Day card from the dogs. That evening Juanita and Harold arrive. Meghan is busy for most of the evening talking to her dad, her son, mom and a friend back on the coast. They are all wondering where Team Ronyx is. Around 9 pm Meghan and Juanita walk over to the Dollar General store to grab some treats for the guys. It is humid and raining off and on all night. Tomorrow we will be in our 8th state.

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