On to Indiana!

June 7, 2019- Community Park, Earl Park, Indiana

Ron is up at 4 am and prepared to hike out on highway 24E as it isn’t good for biking. He leaves the truck stop at 4:25 am with both Onyx and Phoenix and his hiking pack with snacks and water for him and the dogs. Meghan is up too, she snaps some pictures and then tries to go back to bed unsuccessfully. She goes into the truck stop just before 7 am to get some coffee. Her and Ron text back and forth for several hours and he tells her to hang tight since he is only going about 2.5 miles per hour. He ends up hiking 12.5 miles (possibly more with his bobbing and weaving across the road and into cornfields during his hike) by the time Meghan catches up to him at 10:30 am. He has been hiking for 6 hours. Meghan brings him a fountain soda and a breakfast sandwich. When they meet up they discuss driving the remainder of the way to 52 E due to the lack of shoulders on the roadway. They end up driving 14 miles to the Indiana line and amazingly there is a shoulder on the road again! They snap their state line picture and Ron gets out his riding gear and bikes the remainder of the way to their campground in Earl Park Indiana. When they arrive they aren’t sure what to expect as Meghan couldn’t find much information online. Harold and Juanita arrived shortly before us and picked the area for us all to stay. We have water and electric hookups and it’s fairly inexpensive so we decide to stay 2 nights since we are taking our time to get to Noblesville, Indiana. Once we are all set up, Harold cooks steaks on his grill and Juanita makes veggie kabobs. They enjoy their meal and hang out for the evening. There is a nice breeze that is keeping the bugs down. The showers here are rough and chilly but it sure felt good getting clean after sweating for 2 days. Meghan receives word that their venue and date are set for a fundraiser/meet and greet for Saturday, June 15. She works on contacting Canine Partners or Life Graduates, Kaggie and Natasha to let them know about the event and to see if they are able to make it. Ron has hiked and biked 209.5 total miles across Illinois. He crossed the state in 7 days, and took 1 day off. So far, the total Ron has pedaled across the United States is 2,331.2 miles. We are 2/3 of the way to PA. The total funds raised for Canine Partners for Life is $8,514.97!

June 8, 2019, Community Park, Earl Park, Indiana

Today is a laid back day and catch up day. Ron and Juanita take Onyx out for a ride around the area to replace banked miles. Meghan works on the blog. She has it ready to publish but she is having issues with getting the pictures to upload. In the afternoon, The park and campground is busy today, reunions and graduation parties are happening in the shelters and campers are pulling in. Meghan, Ron, Juanita, Onyx and Phoenix all go for a walk around the area. Ron saw a stream that he wanted to let the dogs play in to cool off. They walk down the road that Ron thought the stream was on but they took a wrong turn and ended up out in the fields where there were windmills all over. Juanita and Meghan wanted to get close to one so they continued to walk down the road to the windmill and took pictures. Then they all headed over to the road where the stream was. On the way, Ron threw balls for the dogs and Meghan practiced getting photos of Phoenix jumping. After the dogs were all cooled off from swimming, they headed back to their camp spot. Meghan was able to get all her photos uploaded after deleting the first batch and starting over. Then she started emailing news outlets in Lafayette, Indiana to try and get coverage of their journey when they got to town. That evening Juanita made delicious pork spare ribs in her instant pot. Meghan discusses with Ron their plans for getting to their next town and they head to bed.

June 9, 2019- Wolfe’s Leisure Time Campground, Lafayette, Indiana

It rained off and on all night and it’s still raining this morning as Ron get’s on the road with Fonyx (Fake-Onyx in case you missed that along the way) around 9 am (We thought it was 8 since our phones didn’t switch to East Coast time. He tells Meghan to hang back a few hours since he has 30 miles to ride on the 52E. Meghan heads out around 10 am (11 am EST) to go and see how far Ron has gotten. When she catches up to him, he has already gone 20 miles. He ends up riding 38 miles through the rain to get to Lafayette. Once he and Meghan reach the intersection of Old 25N, they load up the gear since it is off of their route and the road isn’t good for riding with the weather and traffic. Harold and Juanita are already at the campground and told Meghan where they would be. Once Team Ronyx arrive and checked in, they got their campsite set up. Juanita and Meghan take a walk around to check out the laundry facility and bathrooms and game room. The Carey’s and Team Ronyx really need to get some laundry done. Juanita gets hers going first since she has the most. Later in the evening, Meghan takes Team Ronyx’s laundry up. When she went back to switch her stuff from the washers to the dryers she found her one load had not spun out completely and she had to hand wring everything in order to put it in the dryer. She ended up taking out a few things to hang up to dry at the camp site to aide in getting the overly soaked clothes a chance to dry in the dryer. While we were finishing up supper, a short bus conversion pulled in and parked int he camp spot beside the Carey’s. We all commented on how Ron could build something like that next. When the woman got out of the bus and walked around, she looked at Meghan and asked her if she knew who she was. Meghan was perplexed at first and then quickly realized it was her Aunt Sandy Jackson, who she hadn’t seen in 20 years! Sandy had been in contact with Meghan’s mom and called Meghan to check on them and decided to surprise her. Her and Meghan had a lot of catching up to do, which made Meghan completely forget about her laundry and some Team Ronyx duties she was supposed to be working on but it was a wonderful distraction! Sandy had lots of stories to share with Meghan and of course she showed us all her bus camper build.

June 10, 2019- Wolfe’s Leisure Time Campground, Lafayette, Indiana

This morning we are waiting to hear from the news station. We also are anticipating a visit and meeting with James Dworkin who is writing a children’s book on Onyx’s Great Adventure and assisting us in hosting our event on Saturday, June 15, 2019. He arrives and brings donuts. It is raining again this morning and the game room isn’t open so we decide to sit under the picnic shelter to talk with Jim. We discuss our details for Saturday and finalize plans as well as share stories of our journey. Jim signs some books for Sandy to keep and heads off to his other appointments for the day. Sandy visits for a few more hours and then heads off too. Meghan works on catching up on emails and some of the things she left unattended the night prior. That evening, she and Juanita were able to get their fire started from the warm coals left over from the night before’s fire. They were pretty proud of themselves. Ron cooked burgers on the fire and Juanita made baked beans. Team Ronyx eats really well with Juanita and Harold around. It is much easier and rewarding to cook for 4 rather than two. That night we made sure we had arrangements made for our next camp spot and our route all planned out. We are only traveling about 34 miles tomorrow to Thorntown, Indiana.

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