Bugged Out!

Our Memorial Day Weekend and Second Week in Iowa.

May 23, 2019- Two Bears Campground, Boone, Iowa

We have over 70 miles to cover today from Yellow Smoke Campground since we stayed a few days longer than planned at Lewis and Clark State Park. Ron plans to ride as far as he can on 30 E even though there isn’t much of a shoulder to ride on if there is any at all. Meghan is working towards trying to find an alternative route but like all of the other challenges Team Ronyx has faced along the way, they will get through this and add it to their adventure. Ron heads out of Yellow Smoke around 8:45 with Fonyx since he isn’t sure what the roads will be like. We are supposed to contact Dan the reporter so he can get live photo coverage of Ron towing Onyx but Ron does not want to put Onyx in the trailer if the road conditions aren’t favorable. Meghan gives Ron 2 hours to pedal ahead and then she heads out with the truck to see how far he has gotten. She meets up with him a few towns over in Carroll, IA. They talk for a few minutes and she let’s Dan know where they are but he is unable to come and meet them, so Meghan offers to send him some photos she has taken of Onyx in the bike trailer. We have received another update from Canine Partners for Life that we have now raised $8,051.47. At 3:30 pm Ron has pedaled 60 miles and he is still going. Juanita and Harold spend the morning relaxing at the campground and running errands. They pass Meghan and Ron and head to their designated camp spot for the weekend. Ron ends up pedaling 70 miles today and they drove the remaining 9 to their camp spot. Everybody was initially surprised by the amount of bugs and high grass at their campground that they were scheduled to camp at for 4 nights. They discussed trying to find another location the next day but they knew they were going to have issues due to the holiday and how full all of the campgrounds were already. That night they have leftovers for dinner. Meghan and Juanita discuss plans to go to the store in the morning and to drive over to the state park to see if they have 2 camp spots open.

May 24, 2019- Two Bears Campground, Boone, Iowa

Ron wakes up with a bad headache so he stays in bed a little longer than normal this morning, relaxing. Meghan and Juanita make their shopping list and decide they will drive Team Ronyx’s truck and tiny home combo because their truck and camper are parked in a way that won’t be easy to get out of. When Meghan went to pull out, she ended up stuck in the soft grass. When she went to put her truck into 4 wheel drive, the shift lever was completely loose (no 4 wheel!). They found some metal tracks laying nearby and got them under the tires and Ron was able to drive the truck out. Harold and Ron stayed back with the dogs and leveled the 5th wheel better. Meghan and Juanita went to the store and then to Ledges State Park. The Park was full except one empty spot so they decided they would make do with their tiny campground and the horrendous bugs. They head back to let the guys know. When they got back the grass had been mowed and they found they could escape from the bugs by sitting in the shelter that was provided at Two Bears. This campground is unique because it offers primitive sites, electric sites and water and electric sites. The owners have been working diligently to improve the electric at the sites and by laying stone “pads” to created their sites. It is a small campground with no bathhouse and no flush toilets but their “club house offers a stove, sink, hot water, microwave and covered area with 2 large tables and 8 benches as well as an indoor area. It is run by the owners who also hold down full time jobs. They have fought their neighbors and the county to be able to continue to provide an “unplugged” and “old fashioned” way of camping. No tv, no internet, no fancy clubhouse and game room. Just good old camping. That evening, Team Ronyx and the Carey’s (Juanita and Harold) had a fire in the group fire ring and enjoyed bacon and cheddar cheese burgers for dinner.

May 25, 2019 and May 26, 2019- Two Bears Campground, Boone, IA

Team Ronyx and the Carey’s are doing a lot of nothing and it feels good. Meghan hooked up the satellite dish that her and Ron have in the clubhouse and got some TV going (contrary to none being offered here) in case anybody wanted to watch some tv. We ended up watching a lot of the weather channel due to the threat of storms in the area. Ron and Meghan took a 4 mile hike around the neighborhood to see what was out there and then Ron took Onyx and Phoenix on alternating rides around the neighborhood banking up miles. Juanita took a ride with Ron too for awhile. Meghan and Juanita spent part of the Saturday doing paperwork and personal things, like bill paying and phone calls. On Saturday night, Juanita and Harold prepared a roast with potatoes and carrots in their instant pot. Meghan has decided she needs one now! On Sunday, Ron and Juanita bicycled more. The shelter became our “home” for the weekend as we could escape the swarms of bugs that flew in our mouths, ears and eyes. Meghan and Harold were the main targets as they are covered in bites. We started to pack up camp and decided to move the Carey’s 5th wheel back a spot so they wouldn’t get stuck after it rains. We are expecting some severe storms over the next few days and Ron will decided whether or not he can ride or if he will use his banked miles to continue traveling East.

May 27, 2019- Riverveiw Campground, Marshalltown, IA

Happy Memorial Day! May we remember all those who never made it home and those who served and returned home but not the same. It’s pouring down rain this morning. Team Ronyx barely got sleep last night as the storm made their tiny home super humid and hot. The dogs were up and down all night and so where Meghan and Ron. They haven’t figured out how to vent their portable AC unit due to the exhaust pipe being fairly large. The window is too far away to vent it out that way and they don’t want to cut a hole in the side of the camper. They are exploring alternative options to hook up the air conditioner. It’s time to get on the road soon. Meghan wants to stop and get some groceries and to see if she can find something to vent the air conditioner. We are going to drive to the store and see how the roads and weather are for Ron to decide whether or not he wants to ride. Once they get to the store and got their groceries the skies were still really grey so they decided to drive to the next destination in Marshalltown, IA. Meghan and Ron arrived at the campground and used 45 of his banked miles. He intends to ride around this campground and park to bank up more miles in between the storms. We set up our spot and wait for the Carey’s to arrive. Once they arrive, we help them set up and Ron starts riding laps around the campground loop. That evening, Ron built a fire in the fire ring and we rigged up a grate to cook steaks on. If you couldn’t tell, Ron really likes steaks and everybody really likes the way he cooks steaks! After dinner Ron and Juanita take a ride on the bike path that is nearby. That evening Meghan and Ron decided they would try to connect the exhaust hose to the stove pipe to exhaust it out of the camper. They took off the end cap on the bottom of the stove pipe and wrapped foam around it and then slid the exhaust over the foam and stove pipe. They did a trial run with the air conditioner for a few hours and it is working well except there is some hot air coming out around the pipe coming from the stove, so Meghan wrapped another piece of foam around that part of the stove. That night Team Ronyx was able to sleep in peace with the air conditioning keeping everybody cool. Their “redneck” rigging worked!

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