WY Not!?

April 28, 2019- Ramada Plaza, Casper, WY

Hell’s Half Acre

Team Ronyx is not moving very fast this morning. We are both very tired from not sleeping well last night night at our rest stop. It was cold, windy and noisy all night. While Meghan is walking the dogs she sees a herd of antelope out in the field behind the rest stop. It is overcast and 35 degrees out today. Ron starts pedaling at 9:20 am with Onyx. Meghan waits at the rest stop for 30 minutes. When she catches up with Ron, it is still very cold out. He has only pedaled about 4 miles. Today the wind is blowing to the side of him which makes it impossible for him to coast. He has to work for every inch he is getting. At 8 miles into today’s journey, Meghan finds the Hell’s Half Acre site. She is bummed that they could have slept here last night instead of the noisy rest stop. She knows Ron will be disappointed as well. She takes some pictures and waits for Ron to meet her there. When he arrives, he says exactly what Meghan had been thinking about missing the opportunity to camp there the night before. They walk around and check out the scenery and then Ron puts Fonyx in the trailer to give Onyx a break. It is almost lunch time and the temps have only gotten up to 37 degrees. Ron isn’t happy with the riding conditions paired with his lack of sleep the night before. They arrive in Powder River at noon and discuss where they want to go next. Ron is confident that he isn’t going to be able to pedal the entire 54 miles to Casper due to the wind holding him back. He says he will ride until 3:00 pm and see how far he gets. While Meghan waits for him to get up the road further. She decides to mail a package to Dodge Corporate. Team Ronyx has reached out to them about potential partnership/sponsorship opportunities and were asked to submit a proposal. Around 2:00 pm Team Ronyx is just out side the town of Natrona. He has pedaled 23.5 miles and knows he won’t make the other 30 to Casper. They load up and drive 29 miles to a hotel. They need a break, they have repairs they need to make to their tiny home and bicycle tires and they want to network some more. When they arrived at their hotel, their room wasn’t ready yet. They left and went to go get some food. When they returned an hour later, there still wasn’t a room ready for them. The assistant manager at the front desk was super friendly. After talking to Meghan for a few minutes she pulled some strings and upgraded their room to a King Bed Suite. This room had a jetted tub, full size fridge, conference table, couch and plenty of room for all of Team Ronyx to spread out. Team Ronyx was elated to have such nice accommodations. Earlier in the day, one of OGA’s (Onyx’s Great Aventure’s) followers, Susan B, messaged them to let them know that she contacted the Casper News Station K2 News to let them know we would be in town. The reporter then messaged us and we contacted her and left a message once we got into town. We didn’t hear back from her that evening but we figured it was probably because it was Sunday evening.

April 29, 2019- Ramada Plaza, Casper, WY

May I help you? -Onyx

Today’s agenda is pretty busy. We need to get a new back tire for Ron’ bike, the tread is almost completely gone from the weight of the trailer and dog. We also need to get tubes in the trailer tires from the goat head thorn punctures. Then we need to go to the hardware store to get screws to secure some of the signs on our tiny house that are splitting and curling and for our door that is coming apart from the weather. We also need to do laundry, we planned to do it at the hotel since they advertised a laundry facility but their washer has to be replaced, so no laundry facility at the moment. Kiera from K2 News calls us as we were getting ready to head out for the day. We make arrangements to meet her later after we are done with our errands. We find the Crazy Pedaler bike shop a few miles away from our hotel. They tell us to come back in a few hours and the tires will be done. So we find the local Ace Hardware and go and fix the door and signs on our tiny home. Then, we go to the car wash. It was a tight squeeze into the wash bay but we got our tiny home in there. As we are heading back to the bike shop, they call to let us know the repairs are done. We collect the bike gear and head back to the hotel. Meghan checks their email to see if they have gotten their updated fundraising totals from Canine Partners for Life yet, no update yet. Kiera arrives, and we go over the truck, the adventure and then head inside as it is bitter cold right now in Casper. We do our interview in our suite and then talk with Kiera about the East and West Coast. She is from New York and hasn’t been to West of Casper, yet. After, Kiera leaves, we gather our laundry and head back into town to the laundromat. We grab some Chinese for dinner and finish our laundry then head back to the hotel to rest. Team Ronyx is exceptionally tired these last few days. Meghan checks emails again and gets the update they have been waiting for. So far Onyx’s Great Adventure has raised $4909. 32. We are excited to see this jump in donations. Meghan messages Kiera to give her the update so she can include it in her story. Snow is in the forecast for the next couple of days so Ron wants to extend their stay another night. Meghan goes to the front desk and makes the arrangements. That night they watched their interview on TV.

April 30, 2019- Ramada Plaza, Casper, WY

We realized we forgot to make a stop yesterday during our errands. We had a care package sent to us in Casper from our good friend Kem. We look up the location and it’s less than a mile away so we decide to walk there. When we arrived, the postal worker informed Meghan than they don’t do general delivery at this location that we have to go to the main location at the other end of town 2.5 miles away. Team Ronyx decide to walk there but it is a long cold walk. Just when they are about to give up and hike back they find the Post Office. They go in and get their package. Along the way, they ran into several people who had seen their story on the news. Everybody that we meet in Wyoming has been super friendly and welcoming. We arrive back at our hotel around 1:30 pm. We eat our leftover Chinese for lunch and Ron decides he wants to ride laps around the hotel. Meghan has an appointment to have a video chat with the kids and staff from the Lincoln City, RecKids program where she used to work. While Ron is riding, Meghan finishes their blog, creates a video slide show and prepares to talk with the kids. When they call, they have lots of questions. It was fun for Meghan to get to see them and answer their questions. That evening Meghan and Ron discussed their next moves. Ron tells Meghan that there is still snow in the forecast and that he thinks they should stay another day. They didn’t come up with an exact plan but will discuss it in the am.

2 thoughts on “WY Not!?

  1. The scope of what you are doing blows my mind. As an applicant on the waiting list for a CPL dog, know that my thoughts and good vibes are with you. What you are doing is amazing! Thank you.


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