Our flags are down, Idaho.

April 11, 2019- Fairfield, Idaho

We are up at 5:30 am MT and discuss today’s plans. Fairfield is our next destination but it’s a lot of hills and Ron doesn’t think he can ride that many hills today. We decide we will try to find a place to camp in the Castle Rocks area as Meghan can see some places on the satellite view of some roads they may be able to park off of. Ron wants to start the morning our hiking with Onyx. He puts on his backpack and sign and off they go at 6:15am. Meghan stays behind at the Pilot station with Phoenix and they pack up camp. We are back on track. After an hour goes by, Meghan warms up the truck and checks their camper lights. The passenger side one isn’t working, she bangs it with her fist as that has worked before and she breaks the plastic side lens! Ooops. She gets out the super glue and glues the lens back together. Ron calls to check up on her and tells her to sit for another 30 minutes. After the time was up, Meghan headed up 20E in search of Ron. She finds him 4 miles up the road around 8 am. He exchanges the hiking gear for the Bike and trailer. They load up Onyx into the trailer and Ron and Onyx are off again. It is overcast, snowing and raining all morning. By 11:00 am Ron had peddled 20 miles and wanted to keep going; he took a 45 minute break. They got to the Castle Rocks view point at the 29th mile around 2 pm and the weather finally cleared up. Ron switches of Onyx for Fonxy so that the “King” can take a break as he works hard riding in his cart being anxious to get out and run. Ron decides he will continue to ride as they haven’t found anywhere suitable to camp unless they were going to park along the highway. This terrain is mostly mountainous winding hills. The scenery is beautiful. Around 4:00 pm, Ron had gone 48 miles and wanted to keep going, they are almost in the town of Fairfield. At 4:45 pm, Team Ronyx arrived in Fairfield at the gas station, Ron had peddled 57 miles to get here. They had dinner at the Café on the Highway and found a tiny RV park along the highway They were hesitant to stay there but figured they didn’t have many other options. They called the RV park number and the gentleman told him to come into the restaurant next door to pay. Meghan went over to pay while Ron set up camp. They wanted showers and to rest for the evening. The bathhouse consisted of an old laundromat with cracked cement floors, peeling tiles and faulty lights. On the far side of the laundromat were two bathrooms, both looked the same, a dirty bath mat,a toilet, shower stall and sink. No heat, hooks for towels or anything fancy but it would work for quick shower. They took turns taking their showers and went to bed.

April 12, 2019- Silver Spring West Entrance, Bellevue, ID

Team Ronyx is heading East towards Carey, Idaho, They don’t think they aren’t going to make it that far but they want to see how far they can get as Meghan still struggles to find places to camp due to most places being closed until May. Ron heads out around 8:20 am, Meghan goes into the center of town of Fairfield which consists of one paved road through the center of town and a grid of dirt roads that make up the “blocks” in town. There is a school, bar, post office, and several other businesses. Meghan picks up their general delivery mail from Kem. It’s a whole box of goodies for snacking and some Easter candy for Team Ronyx to enjoy. Meghan picks up a few items at the market in town and heads down the road to find Ron and Fonyx. By 10:45 am, Ron has already peddled 20.5 miles. He is making good time as the weather isn’t bad today. It is chilly and there have been spurts of rain here and there but for the most part the day is clear. Meghan is waiting for him at the entrance of the Magic Reservoir/ Hot Springs Landing. She wants to venture the half of mile back to see the reservoir and the hot spring. Ron agrees but wants to ride it so they don’t have to pack up the gear and unpack it again. They go down to the reservoir. You could tell it hasn’t filled up yet as the water isn’t even touching the boat dock yet. The hot springs are completely fenced off which disappointed Team Ronyx. You could see the steam rising but you couldn’t get close enough to see the actual spring. They hung out and played fetch with Onyx and Phoenix for a little over an hour. Meghan worked on getting photos uploaded to the computer and they talked with another gentleman that was kayaking in the reservoir. He told us that there was a campground about 10 miles down the road called Hayspur Landing but he wasn’t sure if it was open yet. Meghan was pretty sure she had looked at that one and saw that it was closed but they decided that would be their destination first and then go from there. Ron headed off again with Fonyx. He went another 14.2 miles before they found Hayspur Landing, and it’s starting to hail heavily. Ron and Meghan loaded up the bike gear and drove back to the campground, it was closed for the season. Meghan thought she had read about another campground just down the road. She looked it up quick and it was only 2 miles away. They drove there and parked just in time for the skies to let loose. It hailed so hard and so fast that you had to wear a baseball hat or it stung your face. In a matter of minutes it looked like the entire area had been snowed on. Everything was white. Ron and the dogs headed off to find wood to make a fire. Ron spotted a Great Horned owl in the tree. He called Meghan over and she took pictures, she also did a quick live video for Facebook. In a few hours, the sun was back out and all the hail had melted, the sun was now setting and it looked as if there had never been any precipitation. Ron and the dogs had fun playing fetch in the water, and then Ron built a small fire in their fire ring and cooked dinner. The panoramic views of the mountains made this camp so serene. And it was free!

April 13, 2019- Craters of the Moon National Monument, Arco ID

Team Ronyx has confirmation that their friends Juanita and Harold are going to be on road from Oregon to come and meet Team Ronyx in a few days wherever they end up. They are so excited to see their friends. They pack up camp this morning and Ron hops on his bike to peddle towards the town of Carey and then to Craters of the Moon National Monument since it is right near the town where they plan to meet their friends. Ron takes Onyx on this trip, they peddle through the first part of their journey in no time, it is flat, then when they right outside the town of Carey, the terrain turns into hills again. Ron makes pretty good time though; they take several breaks and take lots of pictures as the scenery is breathtaking. There are snowcapped mountains everywhere. They arrive at Craters of the Moon around 2:45 pm after Ron biked 35 miles. Meghan goes in the welcome center to inquire about camping since the gates to the adjoining campground are closed. The ranger informs them that they are allowed to camp in the parking lot but they cannot run the generator for heat. They decide to start up the woodstove. They would also like to take a bath since they hadn’t taken one for 2 days. Ron decides he is going to use a chunk of snow for his bath, just to say he did it. After the woodstove is lit and burning. Ron took the large pot out to the snow bank and shoved a huge hunk of snow in it, Meghan snapped some photos to prove that he did it. Then she took a walk around the park with Phoenix. In about an hour or so, his snow had turned into hot water. He took the first bath, then they started the whole process over for Meghan’s bath, she however didn’t want to use the snow. After a few phone calls, they headed to bed. Tomorrow is the day that Juanita and Harold should arrive!

April 14, 2019, Arco, ID

Last night got cold!!! With the woodstove burning, the tiny house gets super-hot. But when the flame goes out, it gets really cold. At 7:15 am, Ron goes out and turns on the generator so they can get the heater going. He and Meghan discuss what they want to do for the day since they don’t have a really far distance to travel. They were going to try and hike around Craters of the Moon but the snow was pretty deep in some areas and not quite frozen enough to walk on top of any more so you would stay on top for awhile and then fall through. They decided they would skip hiking around and just get on the road since they wanted to get into Arco and get their laundry done. Ron and Fonyx hit the road after 10 am. They peddled until they reached Arco, again, lots of hills. When they found the laundry mat they saw the hotel they were planning to stay at with their friends. They had to do a lot of begging for quarters at various stores in town since the tiny laundromat didn’t have a change machine and the banks were closed. After Ron hiked and even got a ride to the opposite end of town, they finally had enough change to do their essential laundry pile. After they were done with the laundry they went and checked into their hotel and took off for a hike while they waited for their friends to arrive. They hiked up in the hills behind the hotel, scaling the rocks and outcrops. It was very windy and cold. After about an hour and half they went back to the motel to wait for Juanita and Harold; who arrived around dinner time. When everybody was all settled they all went across the street to Pickles Place for dinner and then Meghan and Juanita took a stroll through town. That evening they sat around and chatted about their trip so far and Juanita and Harolds plans to someday take their own road trip.

April 15, 2019, Arco, ID

Once everybody was up they discussed what to do for the day. Meghan and Juanita wanted to stay for the day and explore and just visit with each other. Harold wanted to check out a place he had seen further in town. They decided they could use one more night at the motel. Juanita and Meghan went to talk to the motel owners to extend their stay. We must have woken him up because he was pretty sour to us. Once we got that taken care of we went back to Pickles Place across the street to get breakfast. Then we drove around town for a little to check out the sites. After that Juanita and Harold went their own way for a few hours and Meghan and Ron walked all around the North end of town. They found the medical center/hospital. It was the smallest Meghan had ever seen. But you can’t expect much in a town with a population of 906. In the afternoon, Juanita joined Meghan and Ron and they hiked back up into the hills behind their motel to go rock hunting and to just see the sites. Ron played with the dogs and climbed up high into the rock outreaches. Meghan and Juanita stuck to the ATV path and surrounding ground for the most part. They found a few good rocks but nothing over-the-top extraordinary. Juanita took some pictures of adventurous Ron up on a bluff above a small cave and a picture of Meghan and Ron. As they were heading back to the motel, Meghan happened to look down and found a fossil! It’s the first real fossil she has ever found.

April 16, 2019- Idaho Falls, ID

Today we must get on our way. Harold and Juanita are up early, packed and headed out so team Ronyx can get back on the road. Meghan is feeling a bit emotional about their farewell but will get her head back together soon. Team Ronyx is going to continue out 26E towards Idaho Falls. They don’t know if they will make it the whole 60 miles but Ron wants to try. Ron and Fonyx heads out around 10:20 am. Meghan runs into town to top off the gas can and truck with fuel and grab some groceries. They aren’t sure where they are going to end up so they want to be prepared. Meghan catches up to Ron about 15 miles outside of town. He is doing fine. The road is pretty level with a few hills here and there. 30 miles into the trip they discuss how much further Ron wants to peddle. He says he is going to keep going as he isn’t sure where they are going to camp as there is nothing out here. Our here it is desolate. Meghan and Ron both keep seeing busses with the Idaho National Laboratory logo on it. They figure out that the company actually busses their employees in and out. After a few rounds of seeing the busses, the bus drivers started waving at Team Ronyx. At 59.3 miles, Traffic is getting heavy and the shoulder of the road isn’t very wide. Team Ronyx is just outside the town of Idaho Falls. They decide to load up the bike gear and drive the 5 miles into town to an RV apark Meghan found online. Right as they were getting to pull out onto the road Meghan received a call from Rett from E. Idaho News. He wanted to do a story on Team Ronyx. They planned to meet in the morning. After they drove to town and found their camp spot, they took a quick walk to explore the campground and let the dogs run and play. That evening they spent talking with fellow campers about their journey. Everybody has been super friendly.

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