Idaho: We Surrender!

As we venture further into Idaho we face some challenges both environmentally and technologically.

April 8, 2019- Boise Riverside Campground, Garden City, ID

Ready Onyx? (Riding the Boise River Greenbelt)

Team Ronyx is up and discussing the days plan. Meghan has been busy since they arrived at Boise Riverside RV Park contacting local TV news stations and newspapers. She got an email at 7:30 am to have an interview today ASAP but she didn’t leave their contact #’s in the email. She emailed the station back at 9 am when she found the email and then called to follow up. While Team Ronyx waited for the News station to call, they decided to calculate the miles that Ron rode last night on the Boise River Greenbelt. They walked the path to Ron’s stopping point and calculated that he rode 4 miles last night. Then they continued to walk as far as they could until they reached the Veterans Memorial Highway and then they returned back to the campground. That was 5.5 miles of walking for the day and the News station still hasn’t contacted us. They decided Ron would ride the Boise River Greenbelt and bank more miles since they have been using their banked miles due to weather and technical difficulties. They waited all day for the news station to contact them again. Meanwhile, Meghan worked on updating info, emails, and all that other jazz. It rained all day. Ron’s phone is acting up again. We need to get it replaced now. Phoenix has found a new friend. His name is Astro, he’s a 2 year old brindle great dane and he is huge! Astro loves Phoenix and Phoenix is hesitantly playful with this big pup.

April 9, 2019- Overland Street, Parking Lot, Boise, ID

“Follow me” Walking along the Farmers Lateral, Boise, ID

The Channel 6 news contacted us this morning. They want to meet us between 11 :00 am and noon. We tell them we will stay put and we get prepared to leave. A young man named AJ came and interviewed Ron, asked him lots of questions, took some videos and pictures and left. We packed up the remainder of our things and headed into Garden City to get dog food, milk and to the Verizon store. We pulled in and half the staff came out to greet us and ask us what we were doing. We explained our Adventure and Ron’s issues with his phone and how we haven’t gotten much assistance from Verizon. Thomas jumped right in and say, I got this! Before you know it he was on the phone with the insurance company that handles Verizon phones and was getting him a new phone. The only issue was they wouldn’t send it to just any address. Thomas has an idea, he gave them an address and told Team Ronyx that he owned a coffee shop on the other side of town called Strongline Espresso. He told us to park there for the night and the phone would be there by noon. We didn’t really want to be another day behind but decided it was time to use some more of Ron’s 102 banked miles and we would jump on Interstate 84 and go straight to Mountain Home as our initial bike route was going to take us Southeast to Pleasant Valley and then East to Mountain Home. We knew we didn’t want to pay for another night of camping because that is using up funds quickly. After we got situated at our camp for the night. We took the dogs for a walk along a path next to a waterway that went through the neighborhood in Boise. The dogs had fun fetching sticks and splashing in the water. We ended up walking 5.5 miles that evening.

April 10, 2019- Pilot Rest Stop, Mountain Home, ID

We woke up early this morning, packed up, picked up a few more supplies and hopped on I84 to Mountain Home. The winds today very high. We can’t drive as fast as everybody else on the Interstate but we make it to Mountain home around lunch time and ended up cashing in 52 of our banked miles to drive there. We find our spot at the Pilot Rest Stop. The wind is so bad it is rocking the entire truck. We are glad Ron didn’t try to ride today because it would have been very difficult for him to tow Onyx (or Fonyx) in his trailer on a day like today. Not long after we got to Mountain Home, the local newspaper contacted us and said they would be over in 10 minutes if we were ready. Meghan said, “Sure, come on over, you can’t miss us!” Ron looked at her like she had horns growing out of her head. He asked, “They are coming right now?” “Y es!, she said” So they prepared for their interview. No time for make-up and glam when you are on the road. You get scruff and gruff! The interview went well and quick due to the winds. After the reporter left, Team Ronyx all hung out in their tiny home and watched it sway back and forth all afternoon. Ron took the dogs out for a little while until Onyx stepped on a Goat Head thorn. Luckily, He wasn’t injured but Ron brought them inside to avoid them having an injury. While they were stuck inside, it was a good time for Meghan to start contacting destinations ahead and plan out their route. They were heading towards Fairfield, ID in the morning but Ron didn’t think he would be able to go 50 miles so they decided they would probably dry camp near Castle Rocks, Idaho (Not the state park area).

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